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With her practical (“Backed by science”) and light-hearted (“Fueled by fun”) focus on brain health, Kathy Laurenhue makes an interesting interview subject, excellent content provider, and flexible joint venture partner.

To the media:

Click below for access to:

Kathy is also available to write free-lance articles on the topic of your choice or to provide mind play content (See below). Contact Kathy@wisernow.com (or call 800-999-0795 between 9:00 - 5:00 US Eastern time) to discuss your needs.

To potential joint venture partners:

At a time when many people are looking for playful content for helping others to keep an active mind, Kathy Laurenhue can provide thousands of pages of original material in flexible formats. With dozens of themed Mind Play Connections™ titles to choose from, the opportunities for finding word games, trivia quizzes and discussion or reminiscence topics to suit your needs is virtually limitless. Furthermore, this material can potentially be offered in book format, as placemats, newspaper columns, or a new app. Long or short, here is material to delight readers while positively stimulating their brains wherever they may be:

    • Physician waiting rooms
    • Hospital gift shops or on patient food tray placemats
    • Restaurants – Kids have placemats to keep them amused; why not adults?
    • Newspapers and magazines – in-flight, wellness-focused, senior-focused
    • Intergenerational programs in any setting
    • Company newsletters
    • Anywhere stimulating conversation and social interaction needs nurturing

Kathy can also lead or participate in webinars and teleseminars or in-person workshops on variations of the topic “Developing a Playful Mind for a Healthy Brain.”

Experience downloadable examples of shortened MindPlay Connections™ exercises here.

Contact Kathy@wisernow.com (or call 800-999-0795 between 9:00 - 5:00 US Eastern time) to discuss possible options.

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